Who Can Teach?

You can.

Well, you can probably teach English online.

The most essential requirement is a willingness to learn how to coach people. This job is about teaching. However, this is not teaching like your high school history teacher or your university economics professor. This job is about coaching. You will coach people according to a plan. You will coach motivated learners. You will coach people towards small improvements.

Coaching is the best mental picture to convey what teaching English online through the iTutorGroup is all about. You don’t have to create the game plan or the winning strategy. They do it for you. You don’t have to go find the best students with money to pay for every session. They do it for you. You don’t have to teach every student from the beginning to the end of their English learning journey. They do it for you. You have to turn up, work the plan and encourage your students.

The great thing about this picture is what it shows you about the job. Coaching is a skill everyone can learn. You can do this job. You can tell someone they did a good job. You can listen to someone and provide constructive feedback. You can write a kind note to someone to help them keep trying. You can coach people.

Are you ready to start your coaching career? Send me a message and we can start your journey today.

You can read about how it really works and then make up your mind!